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Books are a way of opening the world up for children. As they grow, books allow children to find resonance of their own experiences as well as discover new ones. If readers are a community, then a library is their home, the physical space they can inhabit. For children, the library can be a way […]

Teaching with Cultural Diversity
June 29, 2017

Our classrooms are expected to be diverse. In our Libraries in Schools program, we carefully and very intentionally select our schools on a criteria of diversity and then proceed to embrace this range of utter un-uniformity. The ethos of ‘access to all’ is made real by choosing schools with a high density of children coming […]

What can be done on a summer’s night, which cannot be done on a summer’s day? Lying down beneath the dome of our sky and gazing above. No clouds are likely to float by. Even if they choose to visit on a no-moon night, they glisten a silver grey, just for you. Somehow the hot, […]

The picturesque island of Corjuem hosts the only co-ed high school in Aldona – Mae-de-Deus High School. Bookworm has been conducting sessions under its LiS (Libraries in Schools) Program in this school since September 2015. At the end of every academic year since then, the Principal and teachers of this school have always offered some […]

A Fine Bookworm
June 25, 2017

Nicole Remedios find a nest where it’s actually Book warm! On a fine rainy day, Gayatri Borkar walked the Santismo lane in Taleigao. Splashing in little puddles along the way, she noticed a pink house named ‘Bookworm’. Now who haven’t heard of this place yet? It’s pretty obvious to have seen few books labelled Bookworm […]

Out growing my Pre- School Group
June 20, 2017

Over the last three years, the Preschool Morning at Bookworm has been one of my most enjoyable responsibilities. Preschool mornings are held every Saturday come what may….unless of course it is a public holiday. This is an Early Literacy Program that nurtures preschoolers to engage with books to inculcate a love for books and reading. […]

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