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Bookworm Jumble Sale 2018: the place to be!
February 1, 2018

It seems to be a tradition for the library to be thrumming with a cauldron of high strung nerves, high end energy, combined with immense anticipation and excitement, during the month of January. The reason of course, being: the Jumble Sale. During this month, we are as likely to be bombarded by shouts and loud voices as we are to be exposed to a feeling of cammeradie and unity in working towards one goal and one purpose: the Jumble Sale.

With just a few days left on the clock, the team at Bookworm (albeit with a few settled arguments, and a few motivating emails), have settled into an efficient pattern, of sort, price, box, seal, and next. Amidst the chaos and pandemonium flying around the place, there is also a sense of teamwork and single-mindedness, as far as our goal is concerned.


In addition, we are heartened in our efforts by the kind heartedness and generosity of people coming from far and wide to donate and give in their treasured belongings, whether it be a few clothes and books or bags and bags of everything possible! As always, we hope to reach our furthest stars with our Mobile Outreach Program, which thrives on the funds generated through this jumble sale. So onward march and to the finish line. Do join us on the 4th of February at Campal, where we hope to tempt you with clothes, books, jewellery, electronics, art and household items galore (all at bargain prices of course!). It all happens in the Library.

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