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Picture Poetry or Poetree
September 17, 2017

What did the good

teacher’s do, when the children were not reading poetry.

That’s right! They shaped it up! The book ‘Picture a Poem’ by Gina Douthwaite (Author, Illustrator),

allowed us to do just that. It had poems in all sorts of shapes – rocket, shoe, bat, dinosaur and more.

We read some of these poems to children at Chimbel, ages 10- 15 years. We described the dolphin –

in the shape of a dolphin. Then we read ‘Shake Up – Shape up’ which is about not bottling up your

feelings – in the shape of a bottle. ‘Bones’ was a poem about the human skeletal system-

in the shape of a skull. The ‘Leaf of Feelings’ was a list of emotions – in

the shape of a leaf.

We guessed at a shape,

that made us guess

what it was- in the

shape of a rocket.

The 4 children in

the session wanted

to listen to more

picture poems.  So

we helped them

write one of their own- together. So they penned down one on- Books!

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