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Make Way for Ducklings Written and Illustrated by Robert McCloskey
September 11, 2017


As I was going through the selection of “Award Winning Books” I saw this book and started reading it. I liked the book very much because it was about two Ducks looking for a place to settle down in a city. Ducks are adorable creatures and I liked them as characters in the story. The discussion between the ducks is very intelligent and they are absolutely correct about the concerns they have. They are very practical and considerate about the situation and are trying to figure out a spot that can allow their babies to have a good birthing and good childhood learning. While the concerns are being discussed by the Ducks, you, the reader realise that humans are the big problem for these creatures. You realise that the places mentioned in the book really exist.


Here is when as a reader I felt very connected to it and for some time I had to pause to think about the different environmental issues that we are creating. I visualised the garbage floating onto the riverbed; I could see huge buildings that are being built on land created by filling up water bodies and images of trees being cut along the road side.

Being more connected, I continued with the reading. I read the book till the last word and was amazed by the way it had made me think. I admired the writing style – so simple yet so powerful; so creative and thoughtful. I continued thinking more about what the book is trying to tell me and the importance of its message. Well, this might not mean the same to you but trust me, the book is food for thought. Because no matter what, we are humans; humans with brains, which work when triggered. The illustrations are also supportive and hilarious. In its simple brown and white colours, they will make you visualise many things.

Every Monday, the Library in Schools team meet to discuss the events of the past week and to plan for that week. As part of that, two or three team members do a Book Talk based on a book that they have read. This piece is a written version of the Book Talk.

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