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Mae De Deus High School Library Inauguration
June 29, 2017

The picturesque island of Corjuem hosts the only co-ed high school in Aldona – Mae-de-Deus High School. Bookworm has been conducting sessions under its LiS (Libraries in Schools) Program in this school since September 2015. At the end of every academic year since then, the Principal and teachers of this school have always offered some token of appreciation to the Bookworm team. This year, they offered Bookworm a freshly painted room, in the Primary Section, to be used as a Library.

On the 7th of June 2017, two days after school re-opened, almost the entire Bookworm team (except for 2, who had to remain in Bookworm’s Library in Taleigao, to keep things going there) drove to the school to set up the Room as a Library area. For the benefit of those present – most of whom had never been to Corjuem before – the Principal, Mrs. Maria Goretti Alphonso and the Manager, Fr. Walter de Sa inaugurated the room. This was a small function.



On the 14th of June, the formal inauguration of the Room was held in the presence of Dr. Mrs. Maria Couto, a resident of Aldona and the main benefactor of the LiS program in Aldona as well the Principal, Mrs. M. Alphonso, the Manager Fr. Walter, the Director of Bookworm, Sujata Noronha, the teachers of the Primary Section and the Aldona LiS team. It being a normal school day, the children of Class 3 were asked to sing a song for those present.

All 4 classes of the Primary Section now come into the Room to borrow books every Wednesday. There’s no need for blocking corridors or shielding books from the rain, while lending them to the children. The children too, seem happy with their new space.

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