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An Open House
April 20, 2017

Ruth Krauss in her book Open House for Butterflies illustrated with Maurice  Sendak  writes,

Everybody should be quiet

Near a little stream and listen


Today, I had that joy, not near a stream but within the library – my idea of a stream and I listened to the excited voices of 45 school teachers and 10 Bookworm team members, as they shared depth and detail of our work in the midst of games, talk and reading activities.  All I needed to do was sit quietly. The team did it all.

It was indeed as Ruth Krauss says

An open house for butterflies

is a good thing to have


Planning for LiS teachers to visit our library and organisation has been the quiet, determined work of the LiS team. It was fine. I was reminded by my team and  the welcoming environment they created that it requires quiet determination to remind everyone about the way to the library.

Ruth Krauss writes,

A good thing

to know is  this road

is private to everybody


Thank you Teachers from as far as Kudchire Bicholim, St. Thomas Girls School Aldona, Mae de Deus  Corjuem, Auxilium Carona, Our Lady of Merces Merces, Shri Mahalaxmi Vidyalaya Panjim and Auxilium Caranzalem.


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