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Sherlock Holmes: Books V/S Celluloid
January 17, 2017

My first experience with the maverick detective was as a pre-pubescent when our teacher showed us one of the old classic Sherlock Holmes movies. I remember being very fascinated by his mannerisms and how he solved the mystery, even though I was too young to understand deductive logic.

Many years later, I received one of the mystery books as I gift, and I was hooked. But I was more fascinated by how the mystery was solved and who was the culprit. As a character, Sherlock Holmes was cold, asexual, and calculating. In a way, it was a relief, as I could concentrate on the plot and not waste my time having romantic fantasies about the detective.


While I was doing my Masters, a BBC drama title ‘Sherlock’ was released. It broke the internet, and everybody I knew was salivating over Sherlock Holmes. I could not understand this phenomenon; what could be so great about a guy who smokes a pipe, is constantly around dead bodies, and has never had a girlfriend. Sure, he is smart and catches criminals, but brainy was never sexy.

That was until I saw the first episode. This new retelling is set in modern times. All the characters have gotten an upgrade and are tech-savvy. And Sherlock Holmes, played by the actor Benedict Cumberbatch is BIG on sex appeal. I fell hook, line, and sinker again for the detective.

I now felt I understood the mass female hysteria for the T.V series, but then I saw the second season of the show. This is where Sherlock’s arch nemesis Moriarty comes in. He is smarter and obviously more devious than Sherlock; and the chemistry between the two is explosive, which more than makes up for the absence of any romance.


I was devastated when the producers killed Moriarty at the end of the season 2. But I have not lost hope; they might bring him back in season 4. And like every other female fan of the show, I am ‘Sherlocked’.

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