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A Librarian Speaks
August 1, 2016

I Joined Bookworm five months back. Before Joining I had mainly heard about the Mobile Outreach Programme of Bookworm, but I never visited Bookworm. I did not feel like visiting Bookworm because I did not realise that Bookworm has a good library and all their activities are in fact putting in practice in an active way of the fundamental principles of Library Science.


Before joining Bookworm my concept of a library was what I learned in my course work; putting in one sentence, a Librarian’s job is library organisation and management.

Every Library Science student learns the five laws of Library Science, but how many Librarians actually try to implement them?

In Bookworm what I see and experiencing is the effective practice of these principles.

The very important thing which I did not learn in my course, but I understood at Bookworm, is the importance of children’s library concept. Correct reading habits have to be inculcated from the childhood itself. This is what Bookworm’s main objective is, which we achieve through programmes like Mobile Outreach Program, Library In Schools, Pre-School Morning session etc. The important point is it is easier to develop good reading habits in children than in adults.

I just conclude by saying that at Bookworm I am really experiencing active librarianship and we invite all of you visit Bookworm.

Thank you.

Leeja P

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