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My First MOP (Mobile Outreach Program) Experience
April 3, 2016

It was Melcom who suggested that I lead the session at Cacra. I agreed- though inside me there was the doubtful- tense me as usual, wondering if I would be able to pull it through.

But sure, I wanted to try; so I said “Yes”.

Having made up my mind, my next question was…., what book should I choose to read-aloud. A suggestion again came from Melcom, a book by Nandini Nayar “WHAT SHALL I MAKE?”. He also suggested the extension activity for this book where I could use dough.

So I prepared for the session by reading the book. It is a simple story, of a little boy and his mother, how the mother lovingly prods her child to learn by doing and gently prompts his imagination to soar. I re-read the story, practiced making some items with the dough, so that I could show the children and encourage them to try. Thanks to jewel who helped me with the lesson plan.

Still I was worried…, will the children listen to my story as I was reading aloud for the first time? Will I be able to sustain their interest or will they get distracted and make noise? My first attempt after all…! I expressed my feelings to Ma’am Sujata and Jewel. Both just encouraged me and gave me a lot of confidence. In fact Ma’am’s words are still ringing in my ears, “the story itself has the magic to make the children quiet and attentive”.

Now at the crease! When I started, some children were not interested. But slowly all the children became quiet and listened to the story. The story had the magic…! Ma’am was right! And the extension activity was just fun. I gave the prepared the dough to all the children and asked them to make whatever things they would like. It was so nice to watch. Children sat silently, and started to make different things; many of them displaying good imagination…


Happy sight for me. The story had inspired them. Story had magic…..!

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  1. Inspiring! Good for you that you put aside your nervousness and went right to it, allowing Sujata’s words, ” the story itself has the magic…,” to carry you through!

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