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When Indu Harikumar visited Chimbel MOP
March 31, 2016

On 12th of March 2016, Indu Harikumar, a writer and illustrator visited our MOP site in Chimbel. She conducted a session with the senior children. Her session was a creative exercise where children used the outline of their hands to create something. Indu demonstrated a duck and a peacock and then asked the children to proceed and create and they make more animals like crocodile, different kinds of peacock and duck and flowers.


This session was different and new for the children. They were engaged and interested throughout the session. It made a nice change to the children. They really enjoyed this activity as it was based on them of what illustrations to create of outlines. Even children who tend to be less attentive in library sessions were very enthusiastic about this activity. Then at the end of the session we decorated the room with everybody’s hand illustrations. They enjoyed this session very much.

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