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Bookworms full circle
January 24, 2016

It is rather atypical to have full circle moments and yet, for those of us who choose to work with children and books this is the order of the day !

At the end of this past year I had 2 very special such moments. Advay Burte all of 11 years was a Bookworm member at the age of 3 ( testament to his remarkably literate parents) and felt nurtured at Bookworm. Advay now lives in Mumbai, continues to borrow a box of books on a monthly basis and sent me this mail 

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Advay put aside his birthday money for Bookworm. Often we talk of present day children like they are depraved and value less but in my experience I meet more adults of this nature than children. Reading brings out the best in us and that is represented in children like Advay Burte. 


As the year was drawing to a close, I was on vacation with my family and had the absolute joy of three nieces directing and performing in a Puppet play to raise money for Bookworm projects. That they understood that they can use their many gifts to share, to promote a love for reading for others and support an unusual aunt comes because very early in their own lives, they are read to , they read and they are able to reflect on ideas from a wider perspective. 


Young readers giving back to support reading. Full circle .

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  1. Sooooo wonderful… Child is the father of man!

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