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Books, books every where!!!
December 30, 2015

Written by Krupa

Books, books every where!!! Although, English was my chosen subject for my Final Year Exams, I had not read much and cleared my exams by just reading summaries and notes. But now, since I have joined Bookworm, I look forward everyday to read different types of books and reading these books makes me happy.


Once at home, after observing me reading a book,  my mother who likes to read short stories, asked me if I could get her some books too from Bookworm but preferably in Marathi or Hindi as she cannot read English. I was surprised but promised her nevertheless that I would get books.

I picked up two books during the lunch hour the next day, ‘The Mountain That Loved The Bird’ and ‘Short Stories’, both in Marathi and gave them to her. She was happy but I was unsure if she would like the books or not, or even read them as she is constantly busy with the household chores throughout the day.

I asked her if she had read the books after three-four days and she replied that she had finished reading and had loved both the stories, especially  ‘The Mountain That Loved The Bird’. She also told me that she would love to read more of such books. But I could not take books the next day as I forgot about it. But she reminded me again and this time I took two more books in Hindi for her and she read them in a day !!

It feels great to take books home for her to read as she barely gets time for herself to relax amidst the daily never ending household chores. I feel happy that she manages to take time off for herself to sit and read books that make her happy and relaxed. I hope this special relationship between me and my mother bonded by love for books continues forever.

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