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I love cats
November 22, 2015

Written by Krupa

I love cats. No, that is not the title of a book, but a fact. I love cats. So when a blog writing assignment was needed, Ma’am suggested that I write a blog post on books which have cats in it.

Sounds funny but I gladly accepted this task and I enjoyed reading all the three books. The books which I read are ‘Millions of Cats’, ‘Smoky Night’ and ‘For the Love of a Cat’.

When I was reading these books all my cats were coming in my mind and I love all of them. I have three cats, I had four of them but one was killed by an unknown dog. Actually they don’t have names I just call them ‘shanu’ ‘pundu’ ‘nanu’ ‘shoni’ ‘kalu’ etc etc. I talk to them as if I am talking to my own babies and they respond to me which I do understand. This is madness according to some and they also laugh on me for this but that’s fine it’s their thinking I only know that I love my cats very much. And in all the books that I read this same love for cats, the cat language and relationship between human and cats was present. Krupa

All the books are awesome and tell us that how animals can be an important part of our life without talking us in any language.

In ‘Millions of Cats’ Wanda Ga’ag , the oldest American picture book in print, the text begins like this ;


Cats here

Cats there

Cats and kittens everywhere,

Hundreds of Cats

Thousands of Cats

Millions and billions and trillions of Cats

Naturally I was very happy to read this book, but the illustrations are also a very important part of the book and each page has beautiful pictures.

In ‘Smoky Nights’ by Eve Bunting we see that how animals get two families who may never have known each other, together because of a riot. Eve Bunting, Ma’am tells me is known for choosing themes of conflict but also of reminding us about how relationships matter. The mixed media art in this book by David Diaz is fantastic and must be noted and of course the cats !


‘For the Love of a Cat’ by Rosamund Wilson, a painter must choose his work of painting or his cat and he makes a choice that I completely agree with ! The illustrations in this book are also very nice, very bold and different and the colours are bright.


In each of these cat themed books the cats are the chosen or make decisions that tell us something important, the animals come first and I could connect to these stories.


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