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Celebrating a Thousand Moons
October 5, 2015

Maxine Bernsten one of the finest teachers ever, celebrated her 80th with Bookworm in Goa. We were honored, delighted and excited to play a part in this journey. 

Maxine and only Maxine could have managed by her presence alone to bring together 60 + people from all parts of the country to Goa to celebrate and share in the memory making of a thousand moons. 

Bookworm published a book Threading Texts within Contexts written by Maxine Bernsten and Edited by Jane Sahi and Sujata Noronha to mark this big day and there was a beautiful ceremony of love and friendship that followed.



Bookworm team put together a trailer of the book.

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  1. Love u maxine aaji..
    Glad to be ur student..
    N many thanks to bookworm trust for this work….

  2. Wishing her best wishes! She is a great teacher and social worker. I am fortunate to be her student.
    She has been always inspiring for all of us.
    Thanks and congratulations to Bookworm for publishing ‘Threading Texts within Contexts’.

  3. […] ‘Threading texts within contexts’ by our revered and so dear Maxine Berntsen, was released at Goa, Maxine and I took a flight back to Hyderabad; a bit tired, elated and refreshed at the same time. […]

  4. […] am so happy Team Bookworm chose drama and the performance arts to make “Threading Texts within Contexts” accessible in a whole new way to its […]

  5. […] A theatrical production is only as good as it’s Director.  The Bookworm team who are exploring theatre and poetry this year as part of our professional development goals had the opportunity to jump on stage amidst all other on-going work and put on a show for some of the most erudite and discerning of audiences. Educators from different parts of India who were in Goa to celebrate the 80th birthday of Maxine Berntsen. […]

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