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A New LiS School – Mae-de-Deus, Corjuem
September 17, 2015

Written by Flavia

LiS has been in Aldona since June 2012, but June 2015 brought some shocks. We were not able to continue our sessions in the first LiS school to dedicate a room to the library program, Auxilium Carona, due to circumstances beyond our control. Soon after that, another school in Aldona, STGPS informed us that they had planned to renovate the wing which housed the Primary section and they were in the process of conducting class elsewhere. We waited for more information for 2 months to no avail.

Maria Aurora Couto suggested the only other school in Aldona which we had not seriously considered thus far – Mae-de-Deus – located on the picturesque island of Corjuem. I called the Principal, Ms. Alphonso, and made an appointment. She readily agreed to let us conduct one session there with Std. 3. Margaret and I went there one Wednesday morning. The cozy classrooms and the smiling faces of the kids as well as the teachers were a very welcome sight. We met the Principal after our session, but she calmly told us she would contact us after conferring with her teachers.

We thought we had a good session based on the enthusiasm showed by the kids as well the teacher who sat in class for our session. But we were not sure – it was already the end of August, more than 2½ months since the start of the school year. Would anyone make a major change in their time-table for us? Within 2 days, I received a call from Ms. Alphonso saying that they would be happy to let us conduct our sessions every Wednesday with Std. 3 and 4. I then asked whether she would allow us to conduct similar sessions with Stds. 1 and 2. The pleasure in her voice was audible when she gave her permission.

On the 9th of September, a team of 5 LiSteners conducted 4 sessions at Mae-de-Deus, Corjuem. The Principal visited all our sessions, but she did not interrupt anything. Some of the teachers sat in on our sessions. All the kids were happy to be able to take books home. Incidentally, this is one of the few Primary Schools which allow Std. 4 to take books home from the School Library. When we went back for the next session, the teachers told us that the kids were waiting for our sessions as soon as they saw us and our boxes in the corridors. It’s nice to be appreciated.


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