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Growing our Banyan Tree
July 28, 2015

The room knows its users.  Some months back it knew the hands and the feet of young children who assembled to craft, read, cook and paint. Over the past few months, it knows the hands of the Bookworm team as a working space. It feels their hands. The shelves are called upon to produce something to read,  on what seems like a whim or deep desire to fulfil  needs and the room is known to please. Books for schools, books for outreach sites, books to help plan and inspire. The room knows what it can do to move the energy forward and outward.

Today, there is something different. Today the room senses the group assembled knows that they  are older people, the deep desire and creative energy is palpable but the seeking is of a different kind.   The room is not used to so many helping hands that have known so much of beauty and skill that comes from thread. The room is awed. The books decide to step back, to stay firmly in their shelves and not move.  The room stills. 

What unfolds is a gathering around a rectangular table of women growing a banyan tree. The room knows about trees. It holds books on trees, a patchwork tapestry of a tree and still it watches knowing that there is a learning here of a different kind.


Milan Naik  had already completed one part of the Banyan tree in detail, allowing the skein to weave into a strong root. Nilima Braganza demonstrated how density of stitches can be achieved with ease through some deft needle moves and Ina Peres da Silva shared her garden lizard on a crawl on her patch. The room became aware of a growing of multiple kinds. The growing of the tapestry that announces The Banyan Tree Project being brought to life by Eleanor Viegas of Peace Cottage, Betalbatim, Goa. The growing of shared learning amongst this new tree loving group and the growing of the spirit of giving as more and more people come together to stitch, remember and give back. 


Just when the room thought it would not be remembered, there was a need for books and ideas around needlecraft.  The walls shook with the familiar frenzy of seeking and the shelves delivered as they do every time.  Needlecraft books were reviewed, photos were taken, images were scanned and plans were made to return. 

As the evening wore on the room grew quiet but more aware and awaits needle-crafters who will gather on 8th August, 2015 at 4. 00 pm.

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