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Children’s Library Continuing Education Conference 2015
June 30, 2015

The Children’s Library Continuing Education Conference organized from 25th – 27th June 2015, at the Central Library of Goa by Bookworm Trust, Goa and supported by Tata Trusts is a professional development meeting that brings together groups that are working with Children’s Library from across states. As a culmination of a Library Educator’s Course; a professional development course started in 2013 by Tata Trusts, offered to all educators working with children and concerned with overall and specific learning through print engagement, this conference focuses  to initiate and engage in discussions around the theme of good books, share experiences and facilitate a rich interaction between all involved. The conference aims to understand the place of a library within education as a space of deep engagement and reinforcement of necessary learning skills and widening exposure to rich, meaningful and variety of literature. The conference is being facilitated by expert Librarian, Usha Mukunda from Centre for Learning Bangalore, Sujata Noronha, Director, Bookworm, Goa. Guest speakers include  Arvind Gupta, educationist and populariser of science and Nina Sabnani, artist, animation director and illustrator from IIT, Powai. It is being attended by dedicated Library Educators from organizations like Eklavya from Madhya Pradesh, Vidya Bhawan and OELP from Rajasthan, Mumbai Mobile Creches from Mumbai, Muskaan from Madhya Pradesh, Pragat  Shikshan Sanstha from Maharashtra, QUEST, Maharashtra, Konkani Bhasha Mandal, Goa, Kahani Tree, Mumbai and Room to Read, India. The Conference is being organized by Bookworm Trust,

Goa. Bookworm began as a children’s Library in 2005 and later in 2014, established a Trust to ensure that the ground work, begun in 2005 is carried on in sustainable and enriching ways for the benefit of communities new to formal literacy. Bookworm works directly with children in schools, communities and through the library within Goa and also collaborates and networks with other NGOs and academic institutes to further educational thinking and practice around literacy and children’s Literature.



Bookworm is located in Taleigao, Goa and is serving children’s reading needs in schools and communities for the past 10 years.

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