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When Saras folded his way into our library
June 15, 2015

EIGHT library educators, obsessed with school lists, lending books in large quantities,  setting grade wise objectives and gathering strength and energy for the academic year that will soon begin. 

Jewel rushed in to say, Saras is here. My group who are now so well expect the unexpected at Bookworm, looked bemused. I said, wait, we have a respite from meeting.. meet Saras.. 

All of 8 years and built to perfection, walks in this young boy and he sits in the heart of our circle and folded us into this world within minutes. 

Saras has been discovering all that is good ( saras) in the joy of paper folding. His fingers work so fast that Flavia who is not used to being behind anything, had to keep imploring , “wait, wait, not so fast” !


We folded some crafts, guided by the head, heart and hands of Saras and look forward to taking these skills to children in LiS classrooms and sharing what is good and saras when working with books. 

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  1. how lovely!!
    What a joy to see Saras teaching the older people.

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