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Tuesday at the beach…
April 29, 2015

Written by Barkha

As part of the ‘Out and About Week’ today’s session we went to Miramar Beach. Before we started out we did some browsing books at Library on what we do at the beach, on fish, on sea animals, on waves and on all kinds of creatures around beaches like crabs. Looking at the books only heightened our excitement as the children were already prepared in their beach clothes with caps and just waiting to experience the beach. The books gave everyone enough food for thought to get their imagination going and in minutes we were packing to leave for the morning.

As we got into the red van, it suddenly came alive with the enthusiasm from the children. We were dropped at the beach and we started our walk onto the sandy land. There is a huge fish created with its mouth wide open and visibly huge teeth which scared some children so we quietly walked from the side of the statue like creature. Deepali asked the children about what they could see around them. We had coconut trees, water, life guard, sand, twigs, benches, dogs, leaves and flowers, dried coconut etc. We then listened to Deepali read ‘A Gift from the Sea’ a beautiful story by Melanie Kunz published by Tulika about Rani’s day at the beach.



After the story, the children picked out shells, twigs, bondo, pine cones, leaves and flowers from the sand which had been carefully laid out by Analiza and Analia since we were not venturing into the water. They then stuck their finds onto the scrap book where the children have been saving their treasures from each day. We then took a break from the activities and filled our tummies with some snack for the rest of the action.


We also made shell key chains at the beach. Each of us was given a circular shell attached to a key chain which we had to decorate. The children used sequence, felt and coloured bits to personalize and make their own key chains.


Everyone enjoyed immensely at the beach. Soon Niju had arrived in the red van and we were escorted back to the library where it all first began!

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