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Aftermath of Shifting
April 26, 2015

Written by Deepali

We had just completed the mammoth task of turning our library upside down and were just patting ourselves on the back for doing such a commendable job when it struck me that a huge challenge loomed up ahead. Everything and when I say the word ‘everything’, it means just that……was in total disarray. Things were just brought upstairs and randomly kept anywhere and everywhere. The rooms and shelves downstairs were sorted and labelled very quickly as it was the library but the office upstairs required serious contemplation, planning, sorting and labelling. What a huge never ending task it was…..

So it began on a fine bright and sunny day, me and Analia, with our paper sheets, tapes and markers sat down to sort and label and shift books, papers, files, puppets, stationary, art and craft stuff and anything else and everything else. Slowly but steadily between arguments and debates about what would ideally go where and why, we both have been sorting and labelling stuff and giving each of these things a place of their own.

Nijugrapher-Bookworm-Non-profit-in-Goa-Childrens-library - 1 - DSC_8109

Nijugrapher-Bookworm-Non-profit-in-Goa-Childrens-library - 2 - DSC_8110

Have we finished our task??? No, not at all… It’s still going on and may continue for some time.

As I step back and contemplate, there is a sense of satisfaction that each and every article has been given its own well deserved place in this crazy, lovely but unique place called Bookworm.

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