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My Favourite picture book
March 27, 2015

Written by Analia

I started reading storybooks after joining Bookworm. I started enjoying reading and listening to the stories that we would read in the class or library. Before that, I hardly did. I would read the first page and close the book. But now I have found some interest in reading.

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There were many stories that became my favourite like- The Three Kittens, Odd Egg etc.., But the book that I like the most is “Big Red Lollipop”, written by Rukhsana Khan and illustrated by Sophie Blackall. In this story, a girl named Rubina has been invited for the first birthday part,but her mother insists that she takes her little sister along. Rubina tries to explain to her mother that she cannot take her sister to the party,but her mother tells her that she cannot go if she does not take her. After the party, her sister, Sana takes Rubina’s red lollipop and eats it, this upsets Rubina, who finally understands what Rubina felt when she faces the similar situations with her younger sister.



I first heard this story being read by Flavia in St. Thomas Boy’s Primary School. I really enjoyed it. I read it again after coming back from school and found it even more interesting because of the illustrations which I could not see in the class as I was holding the book from the sides. I really like this book because it talks about the relationship between the sisters and how the fight soon resolves and they are together again.

I like this book a lot because it talks about the relationship between the sisters. In my own life I realised that sometimes,these things happen between me and my younger brother. And many times, my parents would tell me that I have to take care of him because I am older than he is and that I should understand. First, I used to get irritated with him and we used to fight a lot. We still do, but now, we are also like close friends. And it is for this reason that I felt some similarity between the book and my life and I really liked it.

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