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What I have learnt about books through Bookworm
January 20, 2015

Written by Deepali

To be utter frank, I have always been an all genres reader. I have never had any particular choice in reading. It may sound weird but I have read anything and everything that comes my way. But my time in Bookworm has made me particularly aware of so many types of books for children that I am left flabbergasted. I have to admit that I was not at all aware of children’s literature in such a way as it is showcased in Bookworm. The books come in all shapes and sizes, across multiple categories, fiction – non fiction, picture books, chapter books, novels. And within all these, so many themes of friendship, love, death, humor , excitement, imagination.. that my  mind boggles. These books are ready to be handled by the youngest to the oldest of hands. They have no age restriction.  These books make the children happy and excited. It is a matter of pride for a child to choose his own book and take it home. I have read so many stories in Bookworm, many have made me smile yet many have brought a tear to my eye. A book that has touched my heart is The Library Lion, written by Michelle Knudsen and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. It is a gentle story about a charming lion who breaks the rule of no roaring in the library to help his friend in need. Needless to say, I have recommended this book to many to read.

A story definitely has the power to impact a child and an adult too. The story, ‘Twenty five rupees and a helicopter’, written by Tanvir Iqbal and illustrated by Sarada Natarajan has had an impact on not only me but it also affected the children I read it to. It was a story so close to reality and their silence spoke volumes after it was over. Indian stories are close to my heart as they have a familiar environment in them which probably comforts a child. The Rooster and the sun, written and illustrated by Meren Imchen, made the children very happy at the mere thought that there would be no sun and consequently no school…How adorable is that !! 


It is oft repeated but I would still very much want to repeat it again that a book is one’s best friend always. The books stand in the aisles, silently watching the world go by, waiting for a pair of hands to come and pick them, turn over their pages and smile.

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