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When the past presents
December 27, 2014

I was working on some books at Bookworm, one afternoon and a gentle pair of hands covered my eyes and transported me decades back to “guess who”?

I attempted tried and tested ways of feeling, touching clothes, yanking hair and finally heard the voice and it was Sheena! Looking rested and much better than she looked at Bookworm, popping in to say Hello !

I miss Sheena, she was sterling while she worked with us. It was her first job and she gave it HER all. She was everywhere and doing everything and never said no to a single request I made. During all this time, she made friends and some more than friends, kept a semblance of order, was at the receiving end of my temper on clean up days and days when reports were late and she always put Bookworm’s work first and me at the top of her agenda. I often wonder at gifts like Sheena’s dedication and spirit and I am grateful. 


I was deeply touched and heartened to meet Sheena again, to fill her in on all our news and to answer her concerns about how Bookworm is faring. 

The work always has its own energy and is fuelled by the team that propel it into action, but there are always spaces for the past to come as presents and I was so happy to be present when Sheena came !

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  1. SN
    You do things, that sometimes aren’t necessary at all.
    Heartily know, that I’m aware of these and am grateful for you.


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