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My first time at Chimbel
November 16, 2014

Written by Megha

Vitality, one word, I think, that perfectly epitomises my very first session at Chimbel.  Chimbel, I believe, boasts the most number of children attendees at any MOP sessions Bookworm has had.

I am always incredibly shy during any new MOP session, as both, the children and I, are trying to find our footing around each other before we are able to be comfortable with each other. Today, I was particularly apprehensive considering the number of children that normally come. The atmosphere at Chimbel is rather unlike any of the other MOP sessions, as their large(r) numbers beget insane amounts of energy. But the warmth that the children exude, their kindness in making me feel welcome was delightful. I felt so immediately at home.


Although the Chimbel session require a great deal of your energy, there is an immediate and immense satisfaction. Their happiness in their interactions with us was obvious. There was palpable excitement in the room even when we played simple memory games with them with flashcards. Their excitement made it difficult for them to sit still, and they were jumping around (not literally, but you could feel their energy) and being my first time playing any such word games with the children, I thought it was rather endearing.



My session here at Chimbel made me realise the importance of the work Bookworm does, as these children are in desperate need of something to engage their brains and intelligence, which I also found in abundance.  

I really do love working with children, and the enthusiasm with which the children at Chimbel received us made me very, very happy and I really do look forward to going there again. 

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