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Auxilium Primary School, Caranzalem
My experience with Libraries in Schools program
October 15, 2014

Written by Sabina

My work on the Bookworm Library in School program ( LiS ) is to have a good lending and returning of books in the short time we get during Library period.

The process is possible because in every respective classes of Auxilium , Caranzalem name tags have been made for children. The student picks up the name tag, places it in their book and then shows me the book. I record in the register later. In this way children do not have to waste time waiting in line while I find their names in my register. We do this for the children because they are still too small to do the record on their own.



Children seem to be happy to choose their name tag and they also help their friends to do the same. I have found that in the past 2 months they have become quite quick in identifying their names and quickly placing the name tags in their book. The name tags also made of four different colours to match each class and this helps me to not mix them up and keep them in order. When they are returning I ask them simple questions like “ did you enjoy the book ?” “ was the book easy to read?” Sometimes I ask them to read the title to me, or to tell me something about the story.


When it is book borrowing time, I place the books in the corridor. We use satin cloth underneath so that our display of books looks attractive and nice. Sometimes it looks so nice that the children are most happy to stay outside the class browsing and take too much time to choose. I have to hurry them along.


In Std 4 this term, we have begun to grade the books by the level of the children as an experiment. We have grouped children into three levels and put out books as per their level. We are still to check if this process is working or not.

I like to experience the excitement of the children as they browse and they choose and I also like when they talk to me about the books they are reading.

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