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Accessorize with Cerina
October 12, 2014

Written by Deepali based on Cerina of Cericulture’s report

In a chance meeting during a Seminar, I was invited to do an art based workshop at Bookworm. I readily agreed to this opportunity to expend and spread my creativity. It was a Wednesday, bang in the middle of the week, armed with a bag of household discards and loads of ideas; I entered Bookworm at 5 Pm. It was time to produce the very best out of waste. There was a bit of sceptism and loads of doubts. But after reassuring the participants, I got out the tetra packs, chords, color schemes, crayons and glue on the work table and we started. With dollops of encouragement and creativity, the participants produced marvelous sets of necklaces with matching earrings.





Everyone basked in the amazement and appreciation of the work pieces. It was such a joy to behold such beautiful pieces of jewelry made out of something that we usually just throw out in the waste. Amidst promises of many such future accessorizing events at Bookworm, I made my way back home with contentment. If we all can bring forth ideas to reuse or recycle waste into something creative and useful, what a clean and green place our Goa can be……

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