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Reading in the School at Regina Mundi School, Chicalim
September 30, 2014

When Br. Anish, Principal of Regina Mundi school invited Sujata to do a book event, she jumped at the opportunity and so did the team at Bookworm. An 11 member strong team signed up to go and read stories in classes 1 – 5. For classes 6 – 8, a Story Book Quiz was planned and we were set.

Bookworm’s  Burrow that offers selected Children’s Books from Indian Publishers was also set up for children to browse and buy. We managed the large number of children because of the support of Ina Peres da Silva, a Regina Mundi and Bookworm supporter and primary school coordinator Aileen P da Costa.

A snapshot of each class session is here, while the team puts together a detailed feedback and analysis.

Captain’s Hat in standard 5 A and 5 B

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--3 - DSC_9850

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--2 - DSC_9848

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--30 - DSC_9889

The Coral Tree in standard 4 A and 4 B

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--32 - DSC_9893

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--10 - DSC_9860

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--70 - DSC_9954


Shortcut in standard 3 A and 3 B

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--12 - DSC_9863

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--17 - DSC_9871

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--81 - DSC_9984

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--82 - DSC_9985


Balloon in standard 2 A and 2 B

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--14 - DSC_9867

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--15 - DSC_9868

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--48 - DSC_9923

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--51 - DSC_9926

Burrow’s Book Fair for all classes

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--18 - DSC_9873

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--20 - DSC_9875

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--26 - DSC_9883

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--27 - DSC_9884

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--28 - DSC_9885

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--42 - DSC_9910

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--43 - DSC_9911

Book Quiz for standards 6 to 8

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--56 - DSC_9931

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--57 - DSC_9932

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--63 - DSC_9941

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--75 - DSC_9974

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--67 - DSC_9946

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--69 - DSC_9952

Bookworm-Trust-Reading-in-the-School-Regina-Mundi--73 - DSC_9962

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