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September 23, 2014

Written by Vaishnavi

I am very delighted to get this opportunity to work in a place where share  my experiences and  knowledge with the young kids and also the output which i get from the kids makes me happier..Learning come by giving and taking it. the most important point is though i have graduated and did further studies too , it is not the question of money in life that satisfied me fully, I am more satisfied in this work, my passion and my handwork doesn’t make me tied , it helps me further to put my efforts towards my own profession, my liking which gives me lot of satisfaction by heart and my self, that I am sharing these things to my kids. I am very happy with bookworm, that’s what i exactly wanted to do in my life, sharing my ideas and get more back to me to improvise my self and to see that this kids having bright future in their chosen career…







Infect the more time i spent in my profession it gives me more and more satisfaction because of this i would also like to extend my classes in coming future.. more such art programs, i would like to expand my self in this horizon of this “art”. i would like to also have plenty of outdoor activity and i also expect the children who come for lessons before me ,they grow and grow and they explore themselves in the world of art..

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