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Upside down in Pre-school Morning
July 29, 2014

Written by Deepali

It was a regular Saturday but with a not so regular concept for my Pre-school Morning. I was going to do the story Upside Down written and beautifully illustrated by T.R Rajesh. The best part of this book is that the words are printed correctly but the illustrations are printed upside down….which means when I read the story, I hold the book properly but to see the illustrations, we have to turn the book upside down……now you get it? It was going to be a upside down Saturday. All the children arrived with a curiosity about the story but first it was game time…guess what game we played…..blind man guesses… all the kiddos were blindfolded one by one and were given an object to recognize by feeling it. No prizes for anyone as all were winners. Every single one of them got the objects bang on !  Still don’t get it?? Now it was story time…I started reading the first page and they said they could not see the pictures properly and than I turned the book upside down and everyone was amazed. Now it was becoming fun for all, they were waiting eagerly for me to turn the book upside down again and again and again………The last page had an illustration of a ………bat….yes..the book is upside down because a cute bat named Kutti is hanging upside down and watching the world go by..:-) And the surprise on everyone’s faces was worth a thousand pictures. Now they all realized why the book was upside down.

The upside down business had made everyone hungry and we all trooped up to our activity hub. We all settled and started wondering what was on the menu;-).. It was supposed to be something upside down right?? Wait a minute.. whats upside down and can be eaten??? any guesses…no?? but of course.. jelly:-) We do have to turn it upside down to remove and eat….we had fun trying to cajole the jelly to come out on the serving plates.


After it was eaten slurpily, it was the time to get down to some serious art and craft activities and we all made Kutti bat and hung each Kutti bat on a string to take home but the real surprise awaited all. All the children were supposed to free draw anything related to the story. All sat on their chairs waiting for the papers to be given but what was the catch? The sheets were all stuck under the table and all had to go under the table and draw upside down, It was fun sitting under the tables and letting all the creative juices flow….upside down. It was a regular Saturday but a bit upside down.




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