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LiS is the way we go to schools!
June 15, 2014

Songs and singing are part of our program. They’re also a big part of the resource team’s in between hours. We come up with songs on a vast array of topics to suit the requirements of our lesson plans.

It’s Tuesday morning, and today we’re singing a song. It’s not a part of the lesson plan though. It’s what we call our team song, as it represents our program. So…there we are, moderate speed on the highway, headed to Aldona and we’re singing…

‘LiS is the way we go to schools!
Go to schools, go to schools!
LiS is the way we go to schools;
Early in the morning!’

And then we’re there. Auxilium Primary School, Carona. It’s a sweltering, hot, humid day, and we’re ahead of time to set up the new library space for the academic year.

And then, the familiar sound… THE BELL! This can only mean one thing- LiS 2.0 has officially started. Back to time tables, and lesson plans, reporting and schedules.

My first class today is with a 1st grade class who will be in their first library class today!

When we walked into the class, I don’t think the kids had any idea what to expect….. ‘What’s going to happen now?’… ‘There’s a song and game?!’… ‘We get to take a story book home?!’ So much excitement in one class!
CC 1081

CC 1082
CC 1083Today, we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?; a well-loved book that somehow manages effortlessly to capture children’s attention and keep them fixated on the illustrations and wondering what comes next!

CC 1088

…and this is just what happened. They were hooked. And they loved it!

CC 1093Then came time for the extension activity. Crayons met paper and the result was the production of varied coloured animals…and just happiness all around.
Can 025
Can 037
Can 046But that’s not where it was to stop. Next came the walk to the library where Priya explained how the system would work, and then……..PICK A BOOK!

And how they took in those books; like thirsty travelers at an oasis! They browsed. They flicked through pages. They discussed. They compared.
Can 056
Can 074
Can 055
Can 060Ahhhhh yes…the first class on the first day of the LiS program for this academic year. There’ll be many more…. But right now, today, I’m happy to be with this freshly initiated bunch of story LiS-teners!

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