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Reading Coral Tree…Under A Tree!
May 10, 2014

( The bard is back, and happily; to tell of a day spent merrily!)

Summer days…..can be spent in so many ways! Like sitting in a park in idle haze! MD 049   And to the park, we certainly did go… ‘Idle haze’, a definite no! MD 007The summer campers took a walk, And on the way about trees was the talk.
An Ashoka, a Banyan,  a Mayflower too, …so many trees around us grew!

MD 010 Excitement as we named them all…. And as I read… a silence did fall.

A book about the Coral Tree,
Written and illustrated beautifully!

A dash of non-fiction, a hint of story,
This was the perfect recipe;
To tell the tale about this tree;
that to all around did bring beauty. MD 028

MD 029 The pages of this book hold sounds;
Of feathered friends that sat around.

MD 033 And as we read, we heard their presence
‘Towit”, “cheewit” “kik kik” “keah”;
Their calls and cries that cut through the silence! MD 069“Don’t go barking up the wrong tree!”; they say…
But the little ones with some crayons did play! MD 041They rubbed the crayons up and down,
And on the paper, then,  a pattern was found! MD 043  MD 044 Craft on! Craft on dear little ones!
Their dried branches were soon to become… MD 056 Happy, coloured tiny trees,
Covered in many coloured leaves! MD 057 A run around, then time to go…
…from the park, they had some things to show! MD 017A day well spent, happy faces around…
…this will always be the case where stories are found!

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