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Read Aloud Bucket List
April 30, 2014

It’s Summer time and of course at Bookworm, we’re all about books and reading! This summer, we created a Summer Reading Bucket List and it’s available in the library for anyone who’s up for the challenge!

Through our programs, we read in schools, we read in community spaces, and we read in parks. But this summer, we’re very excited to be reading in new places and spaces! So far, our Read Aloud Bucket List has included…

Reading Shortcut at the Railway Station


Reading A Gift From the Sea at the Beach


Reading A Letter to Amy at the Post Office


Reading King Jack and the Dragon in a tent


Reading Biscuit Goes on a Picnic in F.L. Gomes park


Reading The Clown of God in the St. Michael’s Chuch Courtyard


And all this in just the first 2 weeks of summer! We’re excited and we keep looking forward to new places and spaces that stories will take us!

The Bookworms and summer campers may very well be coming soon to a place near you!

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