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We started Summer….Baking, Shaking…and Reading!
April 14, 2014

We kicked off our Summer Program with food ! Of course the session was led by me, food lover that I  am and evidently tucking it in to go by my returner Eric’s comment. Eric was at Summer Program 2013 and it was joyful to have him back until he looked at me and said , ‘ you are fat !”.  After that , it turned into a really fun day ! It did. I love the honesty that comes with children when they feel safe to think aloud and share.

We read The Cake that Mack Ate and Evan predicted that Mack was a dog while everyone else, including my wee little Janson said it was a boy. The candles on the cake was a good indicator of age and we had a good time predicting age and sharing how many years old we all were. At this point it was declared I was close to 100 !
While my cup runneth over, I introduced my group to food words through a matching game which they did really well. Shreya outdid every one with matching 4 pairs and was clearly very good with technical vocabulary. The little ones found the fruit and Dhruv was delighted with his watermelon which was an important ingredient in our ‘shake them’ component.
We baked cup cakes that were denser and more love filled than any other and stirring up a chocolate icing was truly the icing on the cake !
Krystal got the troops to make their own watermelon shake and sticky and happy we settled down to baking mini apple pies.
While the library warmed up with the sweet smell of baking, my supportive girls Priya, Sheena and Tara helped the children make Recipe Holders for their cutesy Bookworm Recipe Cards and tidy up at the end of a full day of making, baking, and shaking !

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