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Sharada Mandir School batch of 1986 supports Bookworm
April 6, 2014

Data at the end of this academic year put our ‘unreturned’ MIA books at 405 !

This is significant but must also be seen in light of more than 12000 books rotated in 1 academic year in 8 intervention schools. We recognise that a  library program needs replenishment and refreshment.

Our work is blessed, it finds ‘light’ when I feel I am looking at yet another dark worm hole.

Pritha, a Bookworm supporter shared a donation of funds from the Sharada Mandir batch of 1986 who will support fresh purchase of books for a Library in School (LiS) School.


We have chosen Auxilium Caranzalem to be our school  of choice as our journey there goes into Year 3 and our program is just taking root. We have finally found some ways and means to make reading central and initiated a process of borrowing and lending that must be strengthened in the coming academic year.


154 new titles of books will be added to the Library in Schools ( LiS) stockpile for Auxilium, Caranzalem and we know that they will be used well and learnt from and we hope that as we move into a stronger position of placing literature in classrooms, we grow more readers.




The outreach programs of Bookworm, grow stronger because of support like the SMS batch of 1986 and we thank them. We look forward to sharing the use of the books and the feedback on the joy of new books when we return to classrooms in June, 2014.

Until, then, thank you !

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