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Malli visits St. Thomas Girls Primary School(STGPS), Aldona
December 21, 2013

What did Malli do in STGPS?  Was Malli a new student, the chief guest for the concert, the school inspector, the library teacher? Whos is Malli and why is she at STGPS ?

Malli is a sweet little girl who went to STGPS to get some suggestions from the students there? Suggestions? What suggestions The  suggestion about what to gift her uncle’s family who were soon to visit her. Malli had only Rs. 1.00 and she wanted suggestions of what she could get with just Rs. 1.00 !

So to introduce herself she began with  a small song, “I’m going to the market”. All the students sang with her, with lots of excitement and fun.


After the song she was inquisitive to know what St Thomas girls gift their relatives when they come to visit. She went ahead talking with them and the girls said, “We will greet them, offer them tea, coffee, gift them books, etc.”

They were surprised to see Malli in the book, as they thought the story will be about the relative. They were so desperate to know Malli’s story that all of them were silent with not a word during the Read Aloud. They were very sure that with Rs. 1 Malli will buy something for her uncle’s family.


The students were surprised and happy to see that she did not have to spend her Rs. 1 at all. She got milk, a flower, an egg and a mango without paying anything at all!. WHY????? Because Malli had a lot of people in the village who liked her, who had receievd many kindnesses from Malli and this was their turn to give Malli something back.  And, Malli still had her Rs. 1.00. So, she needed suggestions from the students of STGPS who were girls like her and here is their list …


When the St. Thomas girls were asked what they could have bought with 1 rupee, they said…





They were also very happy to draw what they could have bought with 1 rupee in their books!

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