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Bookfair at Manovikas School
November 30, 2013

We set off for Margao early on Friday morning with some amount of anticipation as Manovikas is one of the bigger schools there. The drive was pleasant and quick with hardly any traffic on the road. Without much problem and stopping just once for directions we were able to make our way there.

We were directed to the hall where tables were already set up, but the size of the hall overwhelmed us slightly. After quickly ordering the tables the way we want them, the books were displayed in readiness for the parents and kids. Imagine our consternation then when the librarian walked in just before school commenced to tell us that the Parent Teacher Interaction had suddenly been cancelled and that only some of the parents would come in at the close of school! We were quickly assured that the students had been informed and would be sent class-wise to browse and buy books.







The kids soon trooped in accompanied by their teacher. They snaked round the tables with much excitement as they eagerly browsed through the books. Some of them thought they could take the books and were disappointed on learning they weren’t for free. Some of the older kids who were really keen on buying books and had not got money were disappointed on learning that we would not return on Monday. Those who came prepared were clear about what they wanted.








Although the Book fair was targeted for the primary school, what was really heartening to see was the engagement and enjoyment of the students from the higher secondary. There were little groups reading aloud and giggling while others read quietly, deeply engrossed. This, I think, made our day!

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