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Getting Ready to RiP (Read in the Park)!!
November 8, 2013

(posted by Flavia Lobo)

The eve of the Reading in the Park at Aldona.


The BW mouse? No – Krystal’s on the kitchen counter ensuring that BW has the appropriate stationary in stock for the first BW event in Aldona which is not in a school.

Why does BW store stationary in a kitchen cabinet? Watch this space for the answer.


… and she’s found what she was looking for …  Sorry U2, K is quite efficient!


Sheena seems pleased with her plans for the Reading Adventure with the kids of Aldona. I hope I have time tomorrow to check out what she has in store.


No, Priya s not working on a blank banner – she’s reinforcing the tape on a Big Book.

‘That does not look like a book’, you say. All will be revealed at the ‘Reading in the Park’!


Why is Isa sitting on the ground? All the BW stools have been loaded in the red van to be carted to the Aldona event.


No, that’s not a child – it’s Nagappa, the newest Bookworm; doing his bit for the Aldona event.


All’s well that starts well!Sujata seems pleased with all the preparations being carried out on the eve of the Reading in the Park.

Make space Mr. Ghosh and Ms. Mascarenhas – Bookworm is here!

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