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Lucky Day
September 5, 2013

Thursday at Chimbel MOP, we were all set to read Antonio’s Lucky Day. I was excited because this Mexican folk tale had to resonate with the children. It was reminiscent of the Foolish Milkmaid tale that finds its ways into many school language books. 

I had a game planned, a brilliant scrap book activity, If I were a Rich Man with lyrics and sound effects and I was set.

It turned out we forgot the room key and the land lady was not available to give us the duplicate. So many ooh aah what shall we do, later we sat auditorium style of the narrow strip of stairs and settled down to listening.

Lucky was the word symbol of the day and we had some wonderful opportunity to talk about being lucky. Being locked out was a very real opportunity to talk about lucky to be out but unlucky to not get in and so on.


The children are such good listeners now and do so enjoy a story. When i was trying to hustle them away as the key issue was getting more and more dismal, they looked so crestfallen.


Here is a group of children who come to the Library to listen to a read aloud! What a precious group they are and today I felt was MY LUCKY DAY ! Like Antonio, I too went home with a dream in my eye and skip in my step. 

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