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Kasturba Matoshri High School, Panjim
Airplanes, trees, man, boy, horse… BINGO! at Kasturba Matoshri school
August 28, 2013

Kasturba Matoshri – a tiny school, in the heart of the city. The children here wait eagerly for library class, 30 minutes of laughter, games, song and story books to take home to read. That’s right, 30 minutes! 30 minutes is not too little time for laughing games and songs and story books are a whole different matter. We need to read aloud, follow a carefully prepared and pondered upon lesson plan and then allow approximately 48 children to browse and select a book they can take home! Yes, 30 mintues.


This sunny Wednesday, we had fun with The Eye Book by Dr. Seuss. We played an improvised game of “I spy” sang “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” and discussed the use of eyes and how important they are to us. I then read aloud. The Eye Book has all the phonology of a book that can draw attention to the little things from man and can to string and rings and red and blue.


It was beautiful, the students tried to step into the world of someone who couldn’t see and they told me how they thought the latter perceived the world. “Teacher, they use their hands to feel!” “They use a walking stick!” “Sanjay school!” “They use their ears to hear and get around!”

But what really brought our 30 minute library session together was the Word Bingo we played, using words from the book and a little bit of luck !

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