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Libraries in Schools
Village Fair at St. Anthony’s High School, Guirim
August 20, 2013

A class that feels a library is a place where you have to keep silence, where you get information for projects from, where you learn, get knowledge from, BUT where you don’t sing, don’t draw and most certainly DO NOT PLAY!


Krystal and I were in for a moment of bewilderment in classes 6 and 5 in St. Anthony’s High School, Guirim. So here’s what we did that morning in August as part of the LiS Monthly Intervention program.

We sang, played and drew




all in THE VILLAGE FAIR with the students.


What we parted with was a request from the students to come back the very next day and we promised to come back soon…some more students who found a story brought to life, before them and with them…


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