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They came. They baked. They tasted.
July 11, 2013

It’s a damp Thursday evening. On the scrubbed tables are bowls, whisks, a weighing scale, cup measures and an assortment of ingredients. The oven stands in place ready for when the time and temperature are just right.

By 5:15, we have a set of kids who are ready to whip things up.

There’s a happy talk around the table amongst the kids about the things they have cooked before. There’s also the anticipation to find out what they’re going to be making today.

Elaine steps in with a story book. She reads aloud to them. At the end of the story, Aarushi pipes in, “we’re also baking today!” and Elaine replies, “Yes darling! We’re also going to be making something yummmmmmy today!”

Kids Cook (2) And so their off! Hands washed and sleeves rolled up, the flour’s being sieved, the butter cut up, the milk poured and the little hands are kneading away!

When their done, its time to move on to the next step. Out comes the jar of Nutella…and attention heightened.

Kids Cook (4)

Kids Cook (5)A thick layer of spread later and they were heartily ready to head to the oven. One of the boys quickly read his recipe and said, “Not yet, we have to add the nuts.”

As they made the rolls, the oven went ‘PING!’ The right temp was reached, and it was almost time.

Kids Cook (7)


Kids Cook (6)

Kids Cook (8)


When they were ready, all the kids happily trooped to the oven and put the Nutella rolls in. And then, some shot off to read, the rest shot off to play; making sure that every 5 minutes or so, they came back to check if the goodies were done.

When they heard the magical ‘PING!’ sound again, they knew! And they charged!

That bunch of kids went home happy that day with a Nutella roll and a new recipe in hand!

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