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July 10, 2013

It’s Read-a-Comic Day at the library.


photo (1)

Om, the first participant walks in with an air of anticipation. Its his first visit to the library, so he looks around curiously as he is ushered to the comic section.

“Who’s your favourite comic character?” and the the prompt response is “Spiderman!” His eyes widened in excitement as he quickly pulls out a stack of Spiderman comics wondering which one to start with. Then, choosing one, he settles down happily to read.

photo (2)


Anoushka, all of five years; steps in; and spotting a Tinkle comic, looks through it and chooses a story that is then read to her. Before long, she is joined by a couple of other young readers. They pick out a Powerpuff Girls comic, but halfway through, curious to learn the names of the protagonists, scamper off to another section of the library. Much excitement when the book is found! All the while, Francesca, an older reader browses through some of the other comics.
comic 2

At the end of the evening, Om leaves happy for he has “met” his favourite comic book character, Spiderman and has signed up as a member of the library.

Someday he’ll be a super reader! 

comic 3






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