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Gorillas, Chimps and Monkeys with Us in the Rain…
June 28, 2013

Once upon a wet Monday morning in June, Elaine and I hurtled off to our first LiS (Libraries in Schools) session at St. Thomas Boys Primary High School in Aldona.



We were hurtling in our red Bookworm van, because we were going to be fifteen minutes late for Flavia and Isa, our resource teachers at Aldona. They will be doing a weekly intervention as part of LiS at two schools in Aldona, namely Auxilium Convent and St. Thomas Boys High School, called the Alban Couto Library Program, supported by Dr. Maria  Aurora Couto .

No sooner had we reached the school than Elaine swooped    into Class 2 and began asking the children questions about the season we were in and what we can see around us. She continued with our chosen book for the day- Rain illustrated and written by by Manja Stojic.


In the awe and excitement of a “library” coming to them, a huge blown up book that opened before their eyes that took three “new teachers” to hold, the boys were responsive and well behaved. The interesting answers we received to the picture on the front cover of the book- “Chimpanzee!” said a second grader, “Gorilla!” “Monkey!” were the other answers we got as well…


Elaine did three sessions, one after the other and Isa and Flavia took over for the fourth- Class 3. Flavia narrated the story to the boys and asked them later if they could recollect the animals they saw in the book and even where they thought the story was set in. One kid shouted- “Mexico!” only to realise that it would be difficult to find lions there…


With promises for another session, this time with just two teachers, Isa and Flavia we bade goodbye to the baby gorillas, chimps and monkeys we met that day.

P. S: It was a Baboon! 😉

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