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Interns at Bookworm
May 2, 2013

Over the past couple of years, Elaine and I have welcomed at best 2 interns /summer but this year, like all things within the BW umbrella we have 6 interns who are learning from us and we from them.

This is an overload but also a seriously stimulating opportunity to learn more about oneself as a mentor, guide and learner.

What I have learnt from the three interns who have been with us for a month now is more than I could have learnt on my own and that makes this another interesting, rich journey for my life’s purpose.


Karuna is quiet, almost silent but also very observant and sensitive to situations when she wants to be involved. She has strong ideas about books, makes clear judgements that quickly classify books into ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ and is usually spot on about the quality of a good book. She has taught me that sometimes you have to wait for something to emerge and in its own time, it will.

Eva on the other hand is little, waif like but with a clear mind and purpose to what she wants to do. She is diligent, disciplined and it is most heartening to see her drawing her way into Bookworm’s work with a remarkable quality and attention to detail. Eva speaks up when confused, has a wonderful sense of humour at the best of times and is very sensitive and thoughtful, all the qualities that spring to mind for  a wonderful person. Eva has taught me that there is a deep value in exploring what one wants to do in life.

Francesca is the young one in the pack who  is eager, excited about opportunity and making great efforts to keep pace with the intensity that defines our work at BW. From her I have learnt to remember that age matters and that being young can be a delightful thing.


Neha has been with us a day, Shruti and Krutika will join us in a bit and until then I want to remember the reason and purpose of internship and reflect on how people can enrich us in many ways, reminding us about the good things we see in others as being good things we see in ourselves.

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