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A last session of stirring it up… (Day 6)
April 20, 2013

Its the last day of the stir it up week…..and what a last day it was! The kids were excited as usual, the people at Bookworm, not so so excited. But just for one reason…..there’s no lights in the area today!

…and both things we’re doing today are baking oriented!

*trying hard not to panic* We decide to start the session and see what happens.    Calls to the electricity department go unanswered….they probably don’t need more people telling them what they know; that there’s not electricity in the Sanitissimo area of Taleigao.

The recipe for the day puts the kids in a better mood….banana choco chip muffins…..mmmmmm!

KK (2)

With a whole six days of cooking under their belts, things go very smoothly. the first thing they’ve done today is mash the bananas  for the muffin. The flours been sifted, the milk  measured and the eggs beaten. We’ve even reached as far as eating one of the choco chips.

Still no lights. Still not panicking.

KK (5)


KK (8)


The muffins look wonderful in their colourful cases. They are also 100% ready to be put in the oven. Hmmmmmmmmm…..

Not a worry….so it happened that someone dashed off home to use an oven.


KK (9)30 minutes later, the kids saw….. glorious warm muffins with melted chocolate and banana slices at the top.

KK (10)In the meanwhile, the kids had been busy following the other recipe. They had sliced mangoes and mixed together the flour, butter and milk to make a topping for their next recipe.

Another quick dash home, and by the time time was one got out of the oven, a couple of Mamas and Papas were ready to be taking their kids home.

A slice of the Mango crumble and a blob of freshly whipped cream…..summer desserts at their best!

KK (12)


KK (13)And that brought an end to the Stir it Up week. Recipes galore, lots of new skills learned, a lot of stories while at the chopping board and still more stories to tell later.

A slice of the 2013 summer vacation…..a la mode!


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