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Creative Writing Workshop 2013 – Day 2
April 10, 2013

We had a good day today. I felt I had a good day although Francesca our young intern felt it might be slow. This comment led me to reflect that writing  – the act, the process is not something that can be hurried. I look at the workshop as a store house of seeds, that will hibernate and sprout when the time is right.

We began with bookmarking ourselves through a name acrostic. It was lovely to see the struggle with adjectives that lend themselves to alphabets in a name. Aryan came up with yucky for the letter Y in his name but was not too sure to put it in, even though it was fun to say. It was Eva who clued him to young and that was far more acceptable. We battled with odd, obsolete ( picked out of a dictionary) and came to obedient and observant for Anousha. Eric was very clear that he was cooperative as well as exciting and he worked quickly across his name filling in the adjectives. Aarushi continues to intrigue me, but she too is growing in self awareness. She went to the board at the end of the exercise and wrote my own name as S- super, U – unusual , J – jokey , A – attentive , T – ????, A – awesome.





We then played our drawing and talking game, where we run around a table. ( We do!) and stop and use pastel colours to draw out symbols of things we want to talk about. Our sharing is getting deeper and that is precious. Again today I felt that with adults sharing with young children the quality of talk in the room shifts. That is powerful inspiration for writing.

Our post break activity was something I have always felt needs to be done and happened so easily with this group. We went out. We walked down the road, around the church and came back . And while we walked we looked, smelt, touched, thought, reflected, did some stuff, read some stuff,questioned, answered and had an ice lolly too!





We then painted out what we saw and here is our work.

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