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They played…with clay!
April 4, 2013

Dirt under your nails….a parents’ worst nightmare! But I have a feeling that on this particular day; following Bookworm’s second summer workshop- Clay Play with Milan Khanolkar; even the Mamas and Papas didn’t mind the dirt on their kids’ hands!

In skilled hands, the session started off with Milan simply telling the kids to….MAKE something! ….GLEE! The kids went straight to the bars of clay that were placed before them on the table and began to model the clay.

Clay Play with Milan 016


That being done, Milan explained to the the variety of tools of the trade and showed them how each could be used. Even before she was done, they had all already decided on which one they wanted!

Clay Play with Milan 027


….and soon enough…the little hands got into making-mode and concentration was at its peak.

Clay Play with Milan 001


Clay Play with Milan 008

Clay Play with Milan 007


Clay Play with Milan 023


Ofcourse they had questions! “Can I do that?!” “How do I make this pattern?” “Why is the clay so hard?” “What will happen if I add water?” “Can I make a…?” “How do I make a bunny?” …and Milan obliged each of them with an answer!


Clay Play with Milan 005


Yup….all along the tables, masterpieces were coming up and show and tell was underway as the kids showed each other what they had done….and it was good!


Clay Play with Milan 017

Clay Play with Milan 033

Clay Play with Milan 030

(P.s- the bunny did get made!)

If only getting your hands dirty was always this much fun!


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