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March 19, 2013

What’s the best way to get a kid’s attention?? A story book? Chocolate? Well yes…both these would work. But put the 2 together, and you have a sure recipe for success!

Kids Cook (5)

And so it was on this Kids Cook evening that we we decided to read a book…. Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose. This delightfully written book tells the story of the mealtime chaos caused by a group of animals that sit to eat together….duck who won’t eat carrots, moth who munches on the table cloth, the lazy sheep who would rather sleep than wash the dishes and the helpful pup.  Adorably illustrated, the kids were wrapped up in the book…and they were waiting for the book to mbe done with, coz like you, they’d figured what was coming next.

Copy of Kids Cook (7)

Kids Cook (8)

And when they knew their suspicions were confirmed, the helpful little pups were all paws on waiting to get their fingers messy!

Kids Cook (2)

And so for the next hour the kids whipped, grated, melted, stirred, dipped their fingers into the bowl of gooey chocolate, went “ooooooooh!”, whipped some more and waited with bated breath to see the mousse being poured out into the cups

Kids Cook (1)

Kids Cook (4)Yet again, as you’ve figured; most of the chocolate mousse was wiped out before the kids even got home…..but they certainly held their recipe sheets tight and went off home with happy grins on their faces. 



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