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Libraries in Schools
What I Saw at Mae dos Pobres
February 28, 2013

A clear Tuesday morning…and not just an average SBT route day. This Tuesday had Sujata, Shaira sporting a camera and me driving down to Margao.

K 002


Our first stop as always is at a school in Nuvem called Mae dos Pobres. So up we went, armed with a Bookworm style BIG BOOK, boxes of books and story waiting to happen.

As we entered the class and were introduced, there was some amount of silence….and then as the kids were asked whether they like stories and story books, the excitement began to ripple….a collective “Yessssssssssss!” went up.

K 003

K 015


K 005

And then….as all storybooks have this magical power…..a moment of calm as the book was revealed. There it was….Dr. Seuss’, the Eye Book! Written simply with not too many words and a pattern of repetition to make memorizing the rhyme scheme easy; The Eye Book explores the concept of what vision is, who has it, and why its important.

K 004

….and the kids SAW it! Full attention as the book was read out….translation of words into more familiar languages as the story unfolded and an uproar of laughter as Sujata read out “Our eyes see flies. Our eyes see ants. Sometimes they see pink underpants.”

K 006

By the time the book was being recapped, the kids had it down! In the post story discussion, the kids had answers and displayed imagination that were AHA! Moments!

K 018

While that class was good….we left there thinking about how much work is still left to do….how much can be done….and how much farther the books still need to go.

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