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Mahanga ka maal sasthe mein!
February 28, 2013

And we did it!

We got our mini jumble going at Chimbel. 



The kids came as promised, took responsibility for their stalls and began to lay out their wares. Then the crowds came. While we know that Indiranagar is a densely populated ‘basti’ it is always surprising to see people pour out of the woodwork ! 


There were people teaming in like ants. There was dust storms and cat fights. There was shop till you drop moments. There was shoplifting and daylight robbery. There was cross dressing and messing. It all happened at Chimbel.



We raised Rs. 5400/- with goods priced at Rs. 30 and below and we learnt many things. Singular amongst them all is that the MOP children were distinct in behaviour, language, responsibility and it was  heartening to see our children in action. There was a strong sense of identity with the program, a sense of belonging to MOP and over the past year and a half they speak, behave and navigate themselves in a more empowered way. 



It was wonderful to have Chetna, Elaine and Krystal at our MOP site. The children were happy to see more Bookworm teachers and it was good all around.



My favourite memory will be of ‘Edy Sir’, all 5 feet 10 inches of him as he walked onto the ground and from all around children ran, launched themselves at him shouting, “Edy Sir’! Nothing can be as special as the fact that young professionals like Edy come to MOP, integrate with the children, work with them closely and bring books alive in meaningful ways.

Chimbel is where the MOP heart beats, until another transplant or transfusion:-)


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